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All talks are at 3:00pm · Room 246 in Tillett Hall, Livingston Campus, followed by an informal get-together at Pino's in Highland Park, unless otherwise noted.

FALL 2016

September 30: Spaces of Solidarity in the US/Mexico Borderlands. Carrie Mott, Department of Geography, Rutgers University

October 14: Small Holders and Upgrading: The Unintended Consequences of Certification on Cocoa Producers in Ecuador. Ximena Rueda Fajardo, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota,Colombia

October 26: Spatial Precepts for Postcolonial Studies, Ato Quayson, University of Toronto. 12-2pm, Murray Hall, College Ave (RSVP required)

November 11: Fair Rebels? Fair trade coffee production and the challenges of making liveable worlds. Lindsay Naylor, University of Delaware

December 2: Climate Change and People Change: Dancing the Dialectic in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania. Paul O’Keefe, Department of Geography, Rutgers University





February 5: New Species of Environmental Politics:  Taking Sides with Salmon in Coastal Alaska., Karen Hebert, Department of Anthropology, Yale University

February 12: Where in the World is Big History in University General Education? Integrating BH
into introductory geography courses, a powerful mashup. John Hasse, Department of Geography,
Rowan University

February 19: Hot Spotter's Report: Military Landscapes and Figures of Green War. Shiloh Krupar, Georgetown University

February 26: Rethinking Techno-Politics: Material Mediations of Life After Apartheid. Antina von
Schnitzler, Graduate Program of International Affairs, The New School. Co-sponsor: Centers for
Global Advancement and International Affairs, Part of Biennial Theme Global Urbanism

April 15: Cradle of the Creative Class: Reinventing the figure of the scientist in Cold-War-era
Pittsburgh. Patrick Vitale, the Draper Program, New York University.
Co-sponsor: Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs, Part of Biennial Theme
Global Urbanism




FALL 2015

September 25: The role of transportation in economic upward mobility, Mike Smart, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University. Co-sponsor: Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs, Part of Biennial Theme Global Urbanism

October 16: The Privatization and the US Housing Finance System and the Future of Community Development, Kathe Newman, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University, Inaugural Supporting Women in Geography (SWIG) speaker (Introduction by H. Olsen).

October 30: Rethinking Displacement in Peri-Urban Transformation in China, Mi Shih, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University, Co-sponsor: Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs, Part of Biennial Theme Global Urbanism

December 4: Toward Continuous Understanding of Terrestrial Water Storage in the Anthropocene. Jida Wang, Department of Geography, Kansas State University, Co-sponsor: Rutgers Climate Institute



Ryan Orgera. Legislative Representative for the Coastal States Organization in Washington, DC. Social sciences rep. on the Marine Protected Area Federal Advisory Committee.
“Ocean-space as Wilderness: A Geopolitical History of American Preservation”
Co-sponsored by Climate Change Institution
January 23

Robert Lake. Professor, Bloustein School and Geography Graduate Faculty.
“Lovers and Knowers, Athens and Jerusalem: On Not Degenerating Into a Research Inquiry".  
February 13

Juanita Sundberg, University of British Columbia
The Imeperial Way of Life in the United State-Mexico Borderlands"
Sponsored by GGP.
March 13

Scott Stephenson, Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut
“Scenarios of 21st-century human access in a warming Arctic”.
March 27

FALL 2014

David Hughes, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University
"Seeing like an oil producer: abundance, carbon emissions, and graphic display".
Sept 5th

Paul Jackson, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Delaware
"The Money Value of a Man: Healthy Bodies through Economics".
(Co-sponsor with GAIA)
Oct 10/17

Rosemary Collard, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, University of Concordia.
Talk title: "Noah's Ark" on the auction block: lively commodities in exchange"
October 31st

James Kendra, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Director of Disaster Research Center, University of Delaware.
Talk title: Towards a research and policy agenda for confronting persistent hazards.
Co-sponsored by Geography Graduate Project (GGP)
November 14th

Wendy Wolford, Professor and Director for Economic Development, Department of Sociology. Cornell University.
"From Mosquitoes to Marx: The Changing Dynamics of State and Social Movements in Rural Brazil".
(Co-sponsored with Center for Latin American Studies)
December 5th


 Geography Seminars/Symposia

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

All talks are 3:00 to 4:00pm · Room B-115, Lucy Stone Hall · Livingston
(unless otherwise noted)

Hallie Eakin
School of Sustainability, Arizona State University

“Expectations of Obsolescence and the Adaptive Capacity of Irrigated Agriculture in Central Arizona”

(Co-sponsored by the Rutgers Climate Institute)
February 7

Joel Wainwright
Department of Geography, Ohio State University

Title: "Climate Leviathan and the politics of the Anthropocene"
February 14 @ 3:30
Talk organized by the Graduate Geographers Project.

Carlos Garcia Quijano
Department of Sociology and Anthropology,
The University of Rhode Island
"Quality of Life, Well-being and Rural Coastal Livelihoods in Puerto Rico"
February 28

Sharad Chari
Centre for Indian Studies in Africa, University of Witwatersrand
"Apartheid Remains: Historical and Material Remains of 20th Century Segregation and Struggle in Durban"
(Jointly hosted with the South Asian Studies Program)
March 24 (Monday, 4:30pm, Pane Room, Alexander Library, College Avenue)

James Ford,
Department of Geography, McGill University
"Adapting to the effects of climate change on Inuit health"
(Co-sponsored by GAIA Centers)
April 18


Julie Silva
Department of Geographical Science • University of Maryland
Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes: Capabilities and Conservation-based
Development in Southern Africa
September 13

Nikhil Anand Department of Geography, Environment and Society • University of Minnesota Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies • Princeton University ScareCities: The Infrapolitics of Water in Mumbai
October 1 (Tuesday • 4:00pm, Pane Room, Alexander Library, College Avenue)

Abigail Neely Department of Geography, Environment and Society • University of Minnesota Fellow, Agrarian Studies Program • Yale University Internal Ecologies and Local Biologies in the time of HIV/AIDS: A Political Ecology of Tuberculosis and the Body October 25

Kenneth Young Department of Geography and the Environment • University of Texas Sustainability trade-offs in the Andes and Amazon of Peru November 22

Anna Zalik Department of Environmental Studies• York University, Toronto "So far from God and so close to the United States": Mexico's Offshore 75 years after the Expropriation
December 6


 Geography Seminars/Symposia

Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

All talks are 3:00 to 4:00pm · Room B-115, Lucy Stone Hall · Livingston

September 14
From Client to Citizen: the Role of Technology in Changing Social Relations in Northeast Brazil
Donald Nelson· Department of Anthropology · University of Georgia

October 26
On the Role of Cooperative Labour in Peasant Agriculture: An empirical study from the Peruvian Amazon
Oliver Coomes · Department of Geography · McGill University

November 2 - Pamela McElwee | RESCHEDULED TO APRIL 5

November 30
Mapping Alternative Geographies of Poverty: Power an Knowledge
Lakshman Yapa · Department of Geography · PennState University

February 22
Tool-power: The political life of water infrastructure in Tijuana
Katharine Meehan · Department of Geography · University of Oregon

March 1
On Becoming and Being a Radical Geographer in America
Don Mitchell· Department of Geography · Syracuse University (Room TBA)

March 8
Productive bacteria: knowledge/practice and Buruli ulcer in central Ghana
Heidi Hausermann · Department of Human Ecology · Rutgers University

April 5
Payments for Ecosystem Services in Vietnam: Balancing Equity and Efficiency in Market Approaches to Forest Conservation
Pamela McElwee · Department of Human Ecology · Rutgers University

April 26
Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee, and extreme precipitation events in the Catskill Mountains and Hudson River Valley
Allan Frei · Department of Geography · Hunter College—CUNY


Seminars and Events - 2011 Fall

16 SEP| 2:00-4:00PM | Lucy Stone Hall, Room B117, LC

Hurricane Irene: Storm Planning, Impact and Aftermath in New Jersey

David Robinson | Department of Geography, Rutgers

James Mitchell | Department of Geography, Rutgers

30 SEP – 1 OCT | Justice Symposium at Penn State University

10 OCT | 1:40-3:00PM | Lucy Stone Hall, Room B266, LC

Understanding Current Employment Statistics Data
Brian Davidson
| US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Abstract: The Current Employment Statistics program provides the most recent information about the US labor force.
Every month we hear a new story about the employment situation within the country, but now you will learn how to
access and understand it for yourself.

10 NOV | 5PM (Reception at 4:15PM) | Lucy Stone Hall, Room B266, LC
Integrating Geographical Information System Technology with Qualitative Research and critical social theory
Mei-Po Kwan Distinguished Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences | Ohio State University| FLYER (pdf file)

2 DEC | 3PM (Reception to follow) | Lucy Stone Hall, RM B115, LC
Mapping the real informal economy: global circuits of electronic waste (e-waste) in the Millennium City of Accra, Ghana
Richard Grant Professor and Director of Urban Studies, Department of Geography and Regional Studies | University of Miami

 Seminars and Events - 2011 Spring

27 JAN | 3PM (Reception to follow) | Lucy Stone Hall, RM B115, LC
New Remote Sensing Technologies for Monitoring Surface Water Resources
Douglas Alsdorf Associate Professor | Earth and Planetary Sciences | Ohio State University

10 FEB | 3PM (Reception to follow) | Lucy Stone Hall, RM B115, LC
Predicting plant invasions under a changing climate
Bethany Bradley Assistant Professor | University of Massachusetts

24-28 FEB | AAG meeting in New York

29 FEB | 12PM | Lucy Stone Hall, RM B120, LC
Towards hybrid collective action research
Ann Hill Ph.D Candidate Crawford School of Economics and Government | Australian National University
(Audience members are welcome to bring and eat their lunch during the talk)

23 MAR | 3PM (Reception to follow) | Lucy Stone Hall, RM B115, LC
Circuits of Whiteness: Transnational Practices in Contemporary South Africa
Max Andrucki PhD, lecturer at Department of Geography | Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

27 APR | 3PM (Reception to follow) | Lucy Stone Hall, RM B115, LC
Civic Environmental Stewardship as a Form of Governance in New York City
Erika Svendsen | Ph.D | Forest Service Northern Research Station


The Hydroclimatology of the northeastern United States

Teale with poster at AGU

My research is centered on hydro-climatology, defined as the inter-action of the climate system with hydrological processes, which strongly influences the land surface on which we live. The northeast United States is affected by a wide range of climatological and meteorological processes from all sides: cold, dry air masses from the north; warm, moist jets from the south; maritime processes from the Atlantic Ocean to the east; & a mixed bag of synoptic & mesoscale systems from the west.
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Geography Knows No Boundaries


Geography majors receive a liberal arts education that is an appropriate base for further specialized training in academic disciplines which address environmental and international issues or in related professional fields such as planning and public policy, law, and environmental management. Students are also offered courses in which they learn specific technical skills in spatial data analysis, cartographic design, remote sensing, and geographic information systems that are suitable for direct entry employment positions. The Geography Graduate Program encourages work on a wide range of research specialties and fosters strong interdisciplinary ties. The program offers the following degree options: Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).


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