Dissertation Abstracts

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Barnes, Mark The management and adaptation of a legacy transit system for weather extremes in the Philadelphia metropolitan region 2014
Randall, Joshua Understanding water use in Phoenix, AZ 2014
Pangalozzi, Laura Black settlement in the suburbs of Newark after 1967 2014
Steinberg, Adam 2014
Applegate, Toby Becoming Erased: State Power and  Human Rights in Slovenia 2013
Campbell, Lindsay City of forests, city of farms 2013
Capoccia, Stella  The Impact of Animal Rights on Wildlife Conservation and Management in Kenya  2013
Nisa, Richard Between capture and the camp: Apprehending prisoners in America's wars 1949--2011 2013
Burnett, Kari      Integration of refugees in the Czech Republic 2012
Graziosi, Giovani    Urban Geospatial Digital Neighborhood Areas: Urban Geodna 2012
Ledermann, Samuel    Organic revolution: Cotton and its impact on poverty, inequality and sustainability in Tanzania 2012
Thomas, Adelle    An integrated view: Multiple stressors and small tourism enterprises in the Bahamas 2012
Myers, James      Exploring interactions between landscape change and land preservation 2012
Gabriel, Nathaniel The work that parks do: Urban environmental management and its alternatives 2012
Jeffers, James      Confronting climate: Linking knowledge, values and decision-making to vulnerability and adaptation in Ireland's coastal cities 2011
Mcglynn, Charles    An island environment: Saltwater intrusion, groundwater management and water privatization in Cebu 2011
Rudra, Purba      Impacts of medical and wellness tourism centers on the communities around them: Case studies in Delhi and Kerala 2011
Barron, Elizabeth Situated knowledge and fungal conservation: Morel mushroom management in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States 2010
Chatterjee, Monalisa  Resilient Flood Loss Response Systems for Vulnerable Populations in Mumbai: A Neglected Alternative 2010
Davi, Nicole    Reconstructed drought variability across Mongolia based on tree-ring records 2010
Fernando, Dinali    Predicting and monitoring drought in the humid tropics: A case study on Sri Lanka 2010
Grafals-soto, Rosana    Understanding the effects of sand fence usage and the resulting landscape, landforms and vegetation patterns: A New Jersey example 2010
Guidry, Marilyn    A spatial analysis of healthy food availability in urban neighborhoods 2010
Wilson, Bradley    Between market and movement: The Fair Trade coffee 'buycott' in the United States and Nicaragua 2010
Kelly, Jessica    Reassessing forest transition theory: Gender, land tenure insecurity and forest cover change in rural El Salvador 2009
Leckner, Mariana    From standardized templates to context-appropriate plans: Barriers to the adoption of locally sustainable coastal evacuation programs 2009
Neimark, Benjamin  Industrial heartlands of nature: The political economy of biological prospecting in Madagascar 2009
Gowar, Cheryl Globalization and the transformation of citizenship 2008
Hanes, Samuel    The high modernist moment: Oysters, knowledge production, and conservation in the Progressive era, 1878--1917    2008
Villegas, Claudia Producing a 'space of dignity'. Knitting together space and dignity in the EZLN rebellion in Mexico 2008
Baptista, Sandra Forest recovery and just sustainability in the Florianopolis city-region 2008
Choi, Gwangyong Climatology and variability of Northern Hemisphere seasons 2007
Fair,  Linda. "Impact of The Spatial Dispersal Policy on Refugees in Denmark" 2007
Diamond,  Adam  "Transformation and Reproduction:  Constructing the Organic Milk Commodity Chain in the Northeast United States" 2006
Falvo,  Daniel.  " A Study in Signaling Biogeography on Rice Blast Control and Polymixture Planting in the Philippines" 2006
Raberg,  Lena  "NGOs and environmental intervention:  Geographies of sustainable forestry by Ecuadorian NGOs" 2006
Standish,  Alex  "Geographic Education, Globalization, and Changing Concepts of Citizenship in American Schools:  1950-2005" 2006
Boyd,  Paul " Settlers along the Shores:  Lenape Spatial Patterns in Coastal Monmouth County 1600-1750" 2005
Craig,  Verdie A  "Growing the Golden Leaf:  Tobacco Grower Livelihoods And Change" 2005
Kim,  Seongin.  "Rethinking Environmental Justice:  Distribution of Hazardous Air Pollutants in Urban and Suburban areas in New Jersey" 2005
Mitteager,  Wendy. "Understanding the Relationship Between Landscape Features on Municipally-Managed Lots and Adjacent Residential Lots on an Urban Shoreline:  NJ" 2005
Pendras,  Jerome Mark.  "Laws of Motion:  Urban Politics and the Production of Capital Mobility in the United States" 2005
Silva,  Julie. "Neoliberalization and Inequality:  Examining Regional Patterns, Household Dynamics, and Lived Experiences in Mozambique" 2005
Wee,  Hong-Ling   "No Neighborhood Is An Island:  Public Participation as Dialogue in Community Redevelopment " 2005
Cieri,  Marie  "Irresolvable Geographies" 2004
Conway,  Tenley   "Ecological Impact of Future Land Use in Southeastern New Jersey" 2004
Poulsen,  Erika  "Spatial Analysis of Robbery:  Looking at Urban Dimensions in Mid-Sized Cities" 2004
Dobosowicz,  John  "An Assessment of Spatial Variability Y in Water levelObservations and Susceptibility to Inundation from Coastal Storms in a Developed Estuary,  Raritan Bay, NJ" 2003
Liu,  Laura  "Placing Identity:  Chinese Immigrant Workers and the Politics of Community Organizing in New York City" 2003
Sangbum,  Lee  "Remotely Sensed Indicators of Urban Land Use intensity:  Comparison of Sub-pixel Analysis Techniques" 2003
Hasse , John "Geospatial Indices of Urban Sprawl in New Jersey" 2002
Hildebrant,  Barbara "The Transformation of the Dairy Industry in the Metropolitan New York Milkshed:  Sussex County, New Jersey A Study in Historical Geography 1850-1870" 2002
Ishiyama,  Noriko  "Environmental Justice and American Indian Sovereignty:  Political, Economic, and Ethnic Struggles Regarding the Storage of Radioactive Waste" 2002
Patterson,  Melina  "Community Schools in Community Development Democracy, Education and Social Change" 2002
DePlaen,  Renaud - Contracting Malaria in the Paddies:  A Farming Systems Approach to Malaria in Northern  Cote d'Ivoire 2001
DeFilippis,  James  "Alternatives to 'Corrective Capitalism':  Collective Ownership and the Possibility of Local Autonomy in Community Development" 2000
Engle-DiMauro,  Salvatore.  "Soil Use, Soil Science, and Gender Relations" 2000
Hackworth,  Jason. "Third Wave Gentrification"  2000
Kendra,  James M.    "Looking Out the Window:  Risk Work and Technological Change In U.S. Merchant Shipping" 2000
Kilian,  James Ted.   "Public, Private, Power and Space:  The Production of Space in Prague"  2000
Maantay,  Juliana   "Industrial Zoning Changes and Environmental Justice in New York City:  An Historical Geographical and Cultural Analysis" 2000
Nichols,  Karen.  "Development Crisis Revisited:  Cycles of Resource Regulation, Disenfranchisement, and Resistance in Sri Lanka"  2000
Vandemark,  Lisa  "Understanding Opposition to Dune Restoration: Attitudes and Perceptions of Beaches and Dunes as Natural Coastal Landforms" 2000
Bellows,  Anne  "The Praxis and Production of Food Security:  Urban Agriculture in Silesia, Poland" 1999
Craghan,  Michael   "Geomorphic Investigations of Human Agency and Flood Sedimentation in Developed Areas on a Estuarine Shore" 1999
Hunter,  Richard  "Patterns of Mill Siting and Materials Processing:  A Historical Geography of Water-powered Industry in Rural Central New Jersey" 1999
Oza,  Rupal  "Contentious Bodies:  Globalization, Sexuality and Politics of Culture in India" 1999
Zoleta-Nantes,  Doracie  "Differential Vulnerability to Flooding in Metro Manila:  Perspectives of Street Children, the Urban Poor and Residents of Wealthy Neighborhood" 1999
Emery,  Marla  "Invisible Livelihoods:  Non-Timber Forests Products in Michigan's Upper Peninsula" 1998
Gilmore,  Ruth Wilson  "From Military Keynesianism to Post Keynesian Militarism Finance Capital, Land, Labor, and Opposition in the Rising California Prison State" 1998
Frei,  Alan  "Towards A Snow Cover Fingerprint for Climate Change Protection" 1997
Balm,  Roger  "Resilience, Resourcefulness, and the Necessity of Scarcity:  The Case of Malta" (Mediterranean Sea) 1996
Caris,  Paul  "Declining Suburbs:  Disinvestment in the Inner Suburbs of Camden County, New Jersey" 1996
Harrington,  Keith  "Climate Change and Urban Drought in Northern New Jersey" 1996
Luque,  Sandra  "Structure and Dynamics of the New Jersey Pine Barrens Landscape" 1996
Tuason,  Julie  "Gendered Landscapes:  Women, Men, and the Spatial Transformation of Urban Parks in the United States, 1850-1920" 1996
Millar,  Susan  "Clast Fabric In Periglacial Mass-Movement Deposits" 1995
Hughes,  Marilyn G.  "Historical Snow Cover in the Great Plains, United States: Implications for its Use as an Indicator of Natural and Anthropogenic Climate Change" 1994
Johns,  Rebecca  "International Solidarity: Space and Class in the U.S. Labor Movement" 1994
Vural,  Leyla  "Unionism as a Way of Life; The Community Orientation of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union and the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America" 1994
Xu,  Jianping  "Estimating the Spread of Large Fires Using Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing" 1994
Steinberg,  Tanya  "Competition, Competitive Strategy and the Capitalist Process:  The Restructuring of the Global Telecommunications Industry and the AT&T Monopoly" 1993
Brodeur,  Brian Robert  "A GIS-Based Water Resource Assessment Tool."  1992
Herod,  Andrew John  "Towards a Labor Geography: The Production of Space and the Politics of Scale in the East Coast Longshore Industry,  1953-1990" 1992
Jackson,  Nancy L.  "The Effect of Wind Speed and Direction on Nearshore Processes and Cross-Shore Sediment Mobility on an Estuarine Beach, Delaware Bay, New Jersey" 1992
Mitchell,  Donald M.  "Land and Labor: Worker Resistance and the Production of Landscape in Agricultural California before World War II."  1992
Popper,  Deborah Epstein  "Holding Steady on the Great Plains: An Exploration of the Characteristics of the Region's Population-Stable Counties" 1992
Tiefenbacher,  John Paul  "Pesticide Drift and the Hazards of Place in San Joaquin County, California" 1992
Wiley,  James  "The Relief versus Development Dichotomy:  C.I.R.E.F.C.A. and Issues of Refugee Policy in Costa Rica" 1991
Lotstein,  Enid L.  "Recreational Behavior on a Barrier Island Park" 1990
Solecki,  William Duncan  "Acute Chemical Disasters and Rural United States Hazardscape" 1990
Mason,  Anthony B.  "Risk Perception in Communities on the Industrial Margin" 1989
Nyamwange,  M.  "American Voluntary Agencies and Famine Mitigation in Africa with Special Attention to Ethiopia" 1988
Schneider,  D.  "The Effects of Tourism on Emergency Health Services:  The New Jersey Shore" 1988
Frumkin-Rosengaus,  Michelle  "Increasing Transit Ridership Through a Targeted Transit Marketing Approach" 1987
Gares,  Paul A.  "Eolian Sediment Transport and Dune Formation on Undeveloped and Developed Shorelines" 1987
McCluskey,  James  "The Role and Magnitude of Eolian Processes in the Barrier Island Environment" 1987
Bolen,  W.  "The Changing Geography of Italian Immigrants in the United States: A Case Study of the Ironbound Colony Newark, New Jersey" 1986
Mason,  Robert J.  "Environmental Conflict and Accommodations: an Evaluation of Regional Land Use Management in the New Jersey Pinelands" 1986
Neumann,  Nancy  "A Numerical Model for Traffic Volume and Weekly Cycles of Total Suspended Particulates" 1986
Warner,  Langdon S.  "Delineation of Marine Habitat: A Study of Spatial Error" 1986
Phillips,  Jonathan  "A Spatial Analysis of Shoreline Erosion, Delaware Bay, New Jersey" 1985
Wilson,  David  "Institutions and urban Revitalization: The Case of Manhattan in New York City" 1985
Barnes,  K.B.  "Hazard Recognition and Adjustment in Northern Appalachia: Examples of Coal Mine Subsidence in Small Communities" 1984
McVicker,  Catherine H.  "The Changing Spatial Distribution of Electric Generation in New Jersey" 1984
Nakashima,  L.  "Spatial and Temporal Variations in Barred and Non-Barred Topographies, Sandy Hook, New Jersey" 1983
Waterstone,  M.  "Toxic Materials ad Groundwater Contamination in Southern New Jersey:  The Concept of net Risk Analysis" 1983
Reynolds,  W.J.  "Beach Dynamics and the Societal Response to Beach Erosion at Macro Island, Florida" 1982
Weil,  R.H.  "The Distribution of Policy Services in North and South Dakota" 1982
Hinshalwood,  Sophia G.  "The Dutch Culture Area of the mid-Hudson Valley" 1981
Maloney,  Sharon  "Periodic Markets: Their Functions and Spatial Patterns in Tamil Nadu, South India" 1981
Sabrin,  M.  "The Spatial Incidence of Inflation in the United States 1967-1971:  An Economic-Geographic Perspective" 1980
Ziegenfus,  R.C.  "Municipal Natural Resource Inventories: An Analysis and Suggested Methodology" 1980
Foresta,  R.  "Making Open Space Policy: The Politics and Dynamics of New Jersey's Green Acres Program" 1979
Lewis, " T.R.,  Jr."  "From Suffield to Saybrook: An Historical Geography of the Connecticut River Valley in Connecticut Before 1800" 1978
Drake,  Christine  "The Geography of National integration: A Case Study of Indonesia" 1977
Lenz,  R.D.  "Applications of Information Theory in Point Pattern Analysis" 1977
Page,  C.D.  "Social Class and Ethnic Differences in Aesthetic Response to the Visual Urban Environment" 1977
Dunlap,  D.V.  "The Influence of Precipitation on Biochemical Oxygen Demand in Nine Streams in New Jersey" 1976
Fitzpatrick,  E.A.  "The Utilization of Water Balance Accounting Models for Improved Agroclimatic Assessments" 1975
Nordstrom,  K.F.  "Beach Response Rates to Cyclic Wave Regimes at Sandy hook, New Jersey" 1975
O'Brien,  R.J.  "The Role of Highland Aesthetics in the Creation of an Interstate Park: Geographic Conception in the Lower Hudson Valley (1783-1909) and the Evolution of a Regional Recreational Landscape" 1975
Akintuyi,  A.E.  "Economic Integration, Development and Growth in Africa: An Overlapping Regional Grouping Approach" 1974
Obudho,  R.A.  "Development of urbanization in Kenya: A Spatial Analysis and Implications for Regional Development Strategy" 1974
Allen,  J.R.  "Beach Dynamics Along Sandy Hook Spit, New Jersey" 1973
Caprio,  R.J.  "Housing Preferences: A Multivariate Analysis" 1973
Scipione,  P.A.  "Human Attitudes About the Macro-Proximal Environment" 1973
Singh,  H.  "An Analysis of the Spatial Structure of Indian Cities" 1973
West,  C.N.  "An Analysis of Factors Influencing Beach Activities in the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan Estuarial Region" 1973
Boots,  B.  "The Study of Cellular nets" 1972
Margulis,  H.L.  "Consumer Perception and the Intraurban Journey-to-Shop: A Case Study in Newark, New Jersey" 1972
Robertson,  W.C.  "Race and Spatial Interaction Patterns in Baltimore City" 1972
Muller,  P.O.  "Thunenian Analysis at the Macro-Scale: A Trend-Surface Analysis of the Spatial Organization of American Agriculture" 1971

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